USB Powerpoints - The charging game changer!

‘It’s 5pm, you’ve been on your phone all day and unsurprisingly, up flashes a warning:

‘Low battery’

You’ve already dismissed the 10% warning so now you’re in dire straits.

You run to the powerpoint to plug your phone in but low and behold, all of the powerpoints are taken. Now the decision – which other appliance or electronic device is going to be sacrificed for the sake of your phone battery?’

We’ve all been there and we all know how frustrating it can get when you have multiple items that need to be charged at once and not enough power points to do it.

Luckily we have the solution: USB powerpoints

USB power points have USB ports as well as plug sockets.

This means you can plug your charging cable directly into the port rather than having to take up one of the plug sockets.

Perfect for your bedside, kitchen, living areas, bathroom and any other area that is commonly used for charging electronic devices.


They also help cut down on clutter and can be easily hidden in draws for an extra clean look.

They are convenient, sleek and mean that you will never have to worry about any of your devices going uncharged again!

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