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Why you need outdoor lighting at your property

Outdoor lights are the electrical upgrade you didn’t know you needed but you’ll not know you lived without!

There are various reasons you should get outdoor lights installed at your property.

From decoration to security, outdoor lighting might just be the thing you have been looking for!

Whether you want actual lights installed in your outdoor areas or you need an outdoor weatherproof power point to plug in outdoor string lights – we have you covered!


Use Your Outdoor Space to Their Full Potential

There are many ways that outdoor lights will improve the function of your space including:

Use Your Space At All Hours

If you are lucky enough to have space outside your home or business the least you can do is put it to good use!

Outdoor lighting will mean that you you can host outdoor events all year round and at all hours of night (especially on those summer nights!).

Illuminating your deck, backyard or general exterior means that you can create the perfect stylish area to suit all your hosting needs. Ensuring your guests can see what they are eating and move around safely.

Outdoor Light with Sensor

Increased Safety Through Outdoor Lighting

Ever been concerned about that steep drop of the side of your deck or a set of stairs that blends into your garden at night time will cause an accident? Add in a celebration and maybe a drink or two and this risk will definitely increase.

Installing recessed LED deck lights or stair lighting It is important to provide outdoor lights for your outdoor garden, outdoor pool or outdoor patio where you can host outdoor events.

Outdoor lighting can also be useful for outdoor stairs and outdoor decks, especially outdoor steps that lead to a common path or outdoor deck areas constructed over the pool. They make it safe for people to go out at night time knowing there is sufficient lighting provided by outdoor lights.

Setting the Mood With Your Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can have a purely decorative function. There are a huge range of lights you can get installed to create different looks and styles.

You can also choose dimmable lights that can be set to suit your décor and the nature of your use.


Install Outdoor Power Points (GPO's) For Lighting

Outdoor lighting is great but not every home or business can have outdoor ceiling lights or wall lights installed.

A very popular alternative are outdoor string lights or lamps. They offer a cosy, modern style and come at a reasonable price.

However, a big barrier to installing these is the lack of an accessible outdoor weatherproof power point. We can install this in the perfect spot so you can create the dreamy look you are after.

Get outdoor lighting installed

Improved Security

While outdoor lights are a great option for the aesthetic of your space they do have a very practical use as well!

Security is one of the most important things outdoor lighting can provide for your home or business.

Security For Your Home

Outdoor lighting for security is becoming more and more popular for residences. This is because people have realised that lighting is a huge deterrent for any one who would be inclined to break in to your property.

It is quite clear that outdoor wall lights at the front or back of your property would reduce the likelihood of any illegal activity because everyone can see what is happening clearly.

They can also provide additional security when you are away from your home by making it look like there is still someone present in the property.


However, there is another security benefit you may not have considered. Having an outdoor light that turns on based on timers or motion sensors can be a life saver when you are heading home in the dark.

If your entrance or porch is well lit you will be able to quickly find the right key, open the door and get inside.

Security For Your Business

Outdoor lighting including spotlights and outdoor wall lights can also increase the security of a business property – whether it’s a shop front, an office or a larger commercial area.

Firstly, as previously mentioned, if there is good lighting outside a property it is far less likely that someone will choose to commit a crime there.

The same goes for lighting the car park – essentially, if an area is light people will move elsewhere to conduct dodgy business.

Outdoor lights are incredibly important to increase the trading hours of commercial enterprises, especially outdoor businesses such as outdoor market, outdoor food court or outdoor cafes.

From decoration to security, outdoor lighting might just be the thing you have been looking for!

Illuminate Your Outdoor Area!

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