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Your domestic electricians in Melbourne

Servicing Melbourne CBD and the South Eastern Suburbs.

181 Electrical are your one stop shop for all your electrical needs, we perform domestic electrical services for busy family’s or individuals who seek reliable and dependable services.

When getting electrical work done in your home, it is very important to find a Melbourne electrician that is licensed and fully insured to ensure reliable and efficient service.

Our electrical contractors have years of experience in installing and maintaining residential properties so you know you’ll receive quality work.

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Here are just some of the electrical services our master electricians offer:

New Installations

When it comes to getting new electrical installations in your home it is important to ensure you employ qualified electrical contractors to ensure a reliable service.

As technology changes so do the electrical installations you might want or need in your home. Domestic electrical installations could be exactly what you need to take your living space to the next level!

Here are just some of the new installations our fully licensed electricians can install that could benefit you:

Power Points (GPO's)

If you are constantly plugging and unplugging your electrical devices due to lack power outlet space then this is the service for you!

It is quite simple to get a new power point (GPO) installed by our reliable electricians and there are many options to suit your needs!

Whether it is just the one extra outlet you’re after or you need a quad power point (four extra outlets!) we have you covered.


For those of you needing to charge multiple items we even have USB power points we can install. A power point with two normal plug outlets and (BONUS!) two direct USB power points you can plug your cable into directly.

Power boards can be very dangerous and add extra risk of tripping your power circuit and damaging all items plugged in so why not save yourself the risk and get new power points installed today!

Data Cabling

Having trouble with your wifi or internet connection? Whether it is a dodgy signal or slow speed you are dealing with data cabling could be the answer.

Our local electricians can add various data cable points throughout your home so you can plug the internet directly into your device for guaranteed reliable service.

Security Lighting

This is one of the most common additions we are adding to peoples homes – it is affordable and can offer you increased peace of mind.

Getting security lighting for your home will reduce the risk of break ins and can also add to your safety when coming home in the dark (no more rifling around to find your key to get inside in the dark).

When installed by our professional electricians you can also get outdoor lighting that is motion sensor or light sensor operated to work exactly when you need it to and save electricity and money.

Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, we’ve got you covered. We have a wide range of outdoor lighting products & equipment, from simple spotlights to automated lighting systems and even pool lighting.

We can also install sensors & timers to reduce energy consumption & improve security around your space.


Light Switches

You may not have thought about it but an extra light switch can add endless convenience to your day to day life! How you may ask?

Light switches may not always be located in the most convenient area. Think of you bedroom for example, we’ve all had that moment when laying comfortably in bed when you realise you have to get up, out of the warmth and run to turn off the lights.

Our local electricians can eliminate this problem by installing new extra light switches right next to your bed!

Feature Lighting

Installing new feature lighting is one of our favourite tasks as your local electricians. Pendant lights, coloured lights or strategically placed lighting can really elevate the look of a space.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative and book in your electrical job today.


And many more!

Our expert electricians are skilled in various electrical installation works including home automation systems, installation of quality products and always provide excellent service! Call us on 0403 734 299 to book your service today!

Electrical Upgrades

There are many electrical items in our house that we don’t think about on a day to day basis. If they still work (albeit not to a high standard) we let them be.

But having one of our electrical contractors in to test the safety and function of all components of your electricity could not only save you money and give you more reliable power – it could also improve the safety of your home.

Switchboard Upgrades

Many people think that switchboards are a set and forget feature of a home – this couldn’t be further from the truth. They are the main source of power for your entire home. A faulty switchboard could not only leave you in the dark but it could be a major health and safety hazard.

If your electrical switchboard has not been checked in a few years or was installed before 1990 we highly recommend you call us (0403 734 299) and book an electrical contractor today.

Switch boards are very dangerous and are not something you should mess around with which is why it is very important to ensure you have a fully licensed electrician performing any related service.

Safety Switches

New iterations of these life saving gadgets are constantly coming onto the market. If you have very old ones they may no longer work very effectively.

Furthermore, even if they are in working order they will most likely not hold a candle to the newer versions that are on the market.

Ensure your property and safety are protected to the highest standard with brand new versions.

LED Lighting

Upgrading your old lights to LED lights is a quick and simple way o cut down on your electricity bill.

They las longer, are safer and are more environmentally friendly than most comparable lights.

Smoke Alarms

Not only should smoke detectors be checked annually, they should also be upgraded based on the space you are trying to cover.

Live in a large home? Our Melbourne electricians can install interconnected smoke detectors that all go off when smoke is detected so you can be alerted early wherever you are in the house.

Electrical Maintenance

Our Melbourne electricians provide maintenance services for clients throughout Melbourne VIC.

Whether you need your switchboard checked, your lights fixed, a powerpoint repair or any other electrical service we are here to help and our professional team is guaranteed to do a great job so the issue is fixed and stays fixed!

Emergency Services

Ever had electrical emergencies tat need to be seen to immediately? 181 Electrical are your trusted emergency electricians.

Our trusted electricians will be there to fix your electrical problems within two hours (if you are within our ‘Service Area’).

Our electrical contractors also provide an after hours service for emergency electrical works.

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Our master electricians have the residential experience to cover all your electrical needs. Whether it is a new installation, general maintenance or repair services our expert team will offer quick response times and amazing service.

As a local business we understand how important it is to show love and care to the home work hard to pay for and therefore provide nothing less than great service at all times.

Contact us on 0403 734 299 or via click the button below to book an electrician in Melbourne today.

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