3 Phase Power

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What is 3 phase power?

3 Phase Power offers a steady and consistent power supply that can cope with high electricity requirements without interruption.

It’s most commonly used in commercial building or larger households with high power demand.

3 Phase Power uses 5 wires to provide reliable and interrupted power supply.

There are 3 active wires, one neutral wire and an earth wire for safety.

This power source operates using the 3 active currents alternately.  


This means it is not subject to the natural ebbs and flows in electrical current and reduces the risk of shorting circuits.

Need 3 phase power or your 3 phase power checked?

That’s where we come in:

  1. Reactive or scheduled maintenance for residential and commercial 3 phase power.
  2. Installation and replacement of 3 phase power for both residences and commercial buildings.
  3. Visual and thermal checks to prevent small issues turning into big ones.
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