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Why should you reconsider your bathroom lighting in Melbourne?

Many of us don’t give our bathroom lighting a second thought.

However, while it is true that this room may not be your favourite place in the house or a place where you need good lighting to interact with others, it can immensely impact the overall feel of your space.

In fact, these rooms need to be incredibly well lit as they are the main place people perform personal care rituals that require precision.

This room can also serve as a place where people can go to take a breath and be alone for a second.

When you want to do this for your mood, lighting is everything (the right lighting can actually impact your mood! See our article on the concept of ‘Hygge’ to find out how).

It’s not only wall lights and ceiling lights that you have to choose from – there are a range of light options and styles you can go for to change the look of your room.

Get bathroom lighting installed

Here are just some of the many lighting options that can make this room one of the most luxurious and functional spaces in your property:

Heat Lamp Lights

This heat lamp lighting is great for creating a room that feels spa-like or luxurious. So luxurious that you might not want to leave!

This style of light give off a warm glow and will also heat up the space which is perfect for those winter days when the tiles start to feel like icicles.

They also help to keep you warm when you are getting out of the shower or bath.


Dimmable Lighting

A dimmable light can be a great option for lighting in the bathroom – especially in domestic residences, or spa like businesses.

Mirrors, tiles and chrome fittings all benefit from clear lighting as it enhances their appearance.

Clear bathroom lights are normally used in bathrooms that have white or grey tiles, chrome fittings or mirrors.

Mirror Lighting

Lighting around your bathroom mirror can have multiple positive outcomes.

Not only can it add a unique touch and modern style to your space, it will also help with precision if you do your makeup or hair, insert contact lenses or complete any other personal care tasks using this mirror.

We all know if you are going to be putting products anywhere near your eye you need the perfect lighting!

Recessed LED Lighting Bathroom

This is the best way to add a modern and sleek style to your bathroom. We offer a number of products, brands and designs that can add to your bathroom whether you are fitting out a home, a shop or a commercial property.

Some of the most stylish products we have available are recessed LED lights. These lights are recessed into the ceiling or walls. This creates a clean look, as well as offering bathroom lighting where you don’t see any light fittings.

Recessed bathroom lighting is perfect for bathrooms where you have higher ceilings or awkward roofs along with multiple windows or mirrors.

Short on Inspiration?

Check out some of these cool light options installed throughout Australia:


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