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The electrical appliance installations you need in Melbourne!

There are many appliances for homes and businesses that need to be installed by qualified electricians for safety reasons.

Appliances such as ovens, cooktops, hand dryers, heated towel rails and more require expertise to connect correctly.

This means getting them installed by professional electricians is the only way to protect and reduce the risk of harm for both the person installing the item and the eventual users.

Wall Mount TV

181 Electrical offers professional appliance installation done quickly, safely and in compliance with current Victorian regulations.

What Exactly Is An Electrical Appliance?

An electrical appliance refers to any device that requires an electrical supply to function.

While there are many small electrical appliances that can work by simply placing a plug in a socket, a lot of larger ones require appliance installation by a professional electrician.

Large electrical appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, electric cooktops and heating and cooling systems are common necessities in every modern home.

This means they need to be installed properly to ensure long term function and safety.

There also are many other electrical appliances (such as heated towel rails, video doorbells and hand dryers) our professional electricians can install to make your property an oasis.

Heated Towel Rail

What Could Go Wrong If You Install Your Own Electrical Appliances?

Unless your appliance simply needs plugging in, you should always call a professional appliance installers to perform this work.

Electricity is very dangerous, especially when it comes to larger appliances that require a higher voltage of electricity.

Therefore, it is very important to get these items properly installed to ensure safety of those who use it and to make sure your brand new appliance is not damaged.

If not done properly, an incorrect electrical appliance installation could also cause fires, electrocution injuries and cabling damage.

Any qualified electrician should be able to install appliances. However, there are safety concerns with some appliances that require special training.

Our certified electricians are highly trained and have the skills to complete electrical appliance installation on large items such as oven that require special skills .

PLEASE NOTE: This doesn’t just apply to installation, you will also need a professional electrician to repair or remove any of these items safely.

Our appliance installation services

Ovens and Cooktops

An appliance installation professional will ensure that the oven and/or cooktop is properly connected to existing wiring so that there is no risk if it malfunctions or wear over time.

If the oven also requires a gas line to function, you will need to engage both and electrician and plumber to get your appliance up and running.


Televisions, Video players and Monitors

Our qualified team can easily wall mount your television to get that clean modern look.

Furthermore, they can also install recessed power points and other cabling solutions to hide all wires and make your home entertainment system look sleek.


Heated Towel Rails

This one is a no brainer – it is installed in a room that is full of water and moisture and requires a lot of electricity to function properly.

This is not an item you can risk installing yourself when it comes to electrical safety.


Hand Dryers

Once again, being installed in a room full of water it is important to get this installation job done by professionals.

This type of appliance can also require a high level of voltage which is more dangerous to deal with during installation.


And More...

Whatever the electrical appliance you need installed we can help you out! Our expert team of technicians are extremely helpful and pride themselves on providing excellent service where ever possible.

Why you should get your large electrical appliances installed by professional electricians

Increased Safety

Having your electrical appliances installed by qualified professionals should increase your peace of mind because you can rest assured knowing that it has been done properly.

You can also save time on appliance installation yourself and leave it to appliance installation experts who know how to do the job correctly.

Compliant with Victorian Regulations

While this is once again important to ensure safety, not only during installation but for the duration of the appliances use.

Furthermore, appliance installation by a professional is essential for landlords and commercial properties. Ensuring these appliances are professionally installed is the only way your property will pass the mandatory Victorian electrical safety checks that allow these properties to be rented out to tenants.

More importantly, appliance installation is highly regulated by Australian Standards. Non-compliance can have heavy implications in the case of an electrical fault or appliance fire. In fact, incorrect appliance installation is a major cause of appliance fires in Australia.

Optimal Function

If you have spent money on an electrical appliance, you want to make sure it works as well as it possibly can – that is where appliance installations come in!

Incorrect installation of electrical appliances can damage their function insignificantly reduce their lifespan.

Make the money you have spent on your new appliance worth it by getting it installed correctly the first time around!

Time Saving

Professional appliance installation services are definitely worth the money because you can save a lot of time.

Rather than wasting your own valuable time and doing a job that may be substandard, why not hire an electrical team that offer prompt service and a satisfaction guarantee!

You can sit back and relax while appliance installers do the appliance installation for you, saving time and ensuring your appliances are installed safely and securely.

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181 Electrical offers a professional and reliable electrical appliance installation service at a reasonable price.

Our services are not limited to new installations, our friendly team can also fix existing appliances that are not working due to electrical issues.

Our team offers fantastic, prompt service and are always willing to go the extra mile to give you a satisfaction guarantee.

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