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USB power points: level up your charging game

The number of electrical devices we use on a daily basis seems to increase constantly.

This also means the amount of power required to keep them charged and ready to use is on the rise.

However, the average power source in a home or business hasn’t changed. Usually it is a double power point (GPO).

Essentially, this is just a power point with two plug sockets and two switches. Not nearly enough spaces to provide the amount of electricity and power outlets we need!

This is where USB Power points come in.

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What is a USB Power Point?

A Dual USB power point is basically an additional wall outlet that you can plug your USB cords into directly.

There are generally an extra two USB outlets above the two normal power outlets.

Dual USB charging points are becoming more and more popular now as gadgets using a USB charger become more mainstream.

The many items that need to be plugged in to charge overnight means competition for a power outlet has never been higher.

USB Power Point in Bedroom

Having USB power points installed in your home or business helps eliminates the need for the USB cable to be constantly plugged and unplugged from devices.

It also works to free up a wall outlet that may have been used for USB purposes only.

Benefits of USB Power Points

There are multiple advantages to having a USB power point installed in your home or business including:

Time Saving

Having USB powerpoints installed in your home or business helps eliminates the need for USB cables to be constantly plugged and unplugged from devices.

It also frees up wall outlets that may have been used for USB purposes only.

Added time saving bonus – a dedicated USB port also charges your items faster than a general power outlet.

They offer charging speeds of up to 5 volts (2.1 amps) which is a lot more efficient than USB charging from an average double power point.



A USB power point has USB ports as well as plug sockets.

This means you can plug your USB charger directly into the port rather than having to take up one of the plug sockets.

You also eliminate the need to search around and find a plug adaptor to attach to the end of your chord (there never seems to be enough!).


With a USB power point you can be almost sure that you won’t return to your phone to find that it has been unplugged and replaced by someone else due to the limited availability of plug sockets.

They is also less risk of the the plug coming loose or the actual USB cord not having been properly plugged into the adaptor.

Cuts Energy Costs

This revolutionary power point can actually reduce the price of your energy bill. How you many ask?

As previously mentioned the dedicated USB charger will fill your gadgets battery much faster than an average double GPO power point would.

Less time charging = less electricity used = reduced energy costs!

Increases Safety

Cutting down on power boards and messy cable tangled on the floor will increase your safety as you have a reduced chance of tripping.

Power boards can also be dangerous as they (especially cheaper ones) don’t have proper overload protection and therefore allow you to overload the circuit.

This causes power trips which can be damaging to your electrical circuits, wiring and all items plugged in at the time of the power outage.


Instead you can use a dual USB charger point (an average double power point has overload protection) to both charge your devices and have your appliances plugged in and working at the same time.

Looks Clean and Sleek

USB charging outlets come in a wide range of designs, colours that will be perfect for any home or business.

Perfect for your bedside, kitchen, living areas, bathroom and any other area that is commonly used for charging electronic devices.

They also help cut down on clutter and can be easily hidden in draws for an extra clean look.

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