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Install new light or power point switches for safety and style

When it comes to electrical gadgets in your home, business or commercial property, power points and light switches are probably the last thing you think of.

However, they are incredibly important and should be maintained carefully as they have a big role in controlling the safe distribution of electricity in your property.

Turning on light switches

Not only that but different styles of electrical switches can also change the look and feel of a room through a range of materials and designs.

When it comes to ensuring the switches in your property are safe there are a few things you should look out for…

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Signs You Might Need To Replace Your Power Point or Light Switches

Visible signs of damage

If there are cracks or chips in your light switch or power point switch it may leave you vulnerable to electric shock.

It may also effect your ability to flick the switch on or off and can be an indication of further damage or wear and tear.

Small flashes when turning on or off

If you can see small flashes of light or feel heat when you flick a switch on or off it is an indication that the switch may not longer be safe.

If left unfixed it could cause damaging power surges or electric shock for the user.


Switch very stiff or hard to flick

This could be a sign of a loose connection or a tripped switch on the switchboard. Forcing this switch on and off when it is that stiff could cause further damage or harm.

Loud cracking or popping sound when turning on or off

This is an indication of a loose or faulty connection that could cause lasting damage. If this is happening you should definitely call in a professional to check your electrical circuit and replace the affected switches.

Ways Switches Can Elevate Your Space

Here are some of the other benefits of switches you can take advantage of:

Improve Your Aesthetic

The switches for your lights and power points can really change the look and feel of each room on your property.

Most people will have the traditional, plastic, white switches in a rectangle box throughout their place and not think twice about it.

However, the material and colour used for the switch makes a huge difference. For example, a modern home may want to go for aluminium or black switch which integrates more into the design. They may also want to forgo the traditional wall switch for a push button to bring the design into the 21st century.

Furthermore, changing your switches so you have matching power points and light switches throughout a building can also improve the look of your space.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmers are one of the switches that can really change the whole feel of any property.

Being able to lower or increase the light level in a room means you can set the perfect aesthetic for any occasion.

There is also evidence from ‘The Happiness Institute, Copenhagen’ that lower levels of light can increase contentment and happiness (as part of a practice called ‘Hygge’).


Money Saving Switches

These happiness inducing dimmer switches will also make you smile for a different reason – they can save you money.

Installing dimmers on your light switches can help you to regulate the amount of light in a space. This is good for your wallet because you can save energy when there is not much light needed in a room and also give off extra light when working on something or eating dinner.

When you dim down your lights too low they may flicker which could be annoying but with these switches, this problem can be avoided.

Outdoor Switches

Outdoor power points and light switches also need to be carefully installed and maintained as they are exposed to the elements daily.

This means you will need waterproof switches and should avoid any switch with gaps that grit or dirt can get stuck in. Your local electrician will be able to recommend the best option for your space to provide optimum function.


Thinking of Replacing Your Switches?

Switches can be replaced with many different types of designs, even high tech ones! You may have seen smart lights (sensor lights) which operate when motion is detected so they only turn on when somebody walks in the room.

As well as considering the style and colour you think would suit your space most, you can also consult with your electrician for recommendations on the best power point and light switches for your needs!

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