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Get your own electric vehicle charger installed

Considering investing in an electric vehicle but worried about finding enough charging stations to keep you going? We have the solution for your EV charging needs.

While EV cars are getting cheaper and therefore more accessible the one barrier we hear people worrying about is – are there enough electric vehicle chargers for me to get around without my car dying!

Well fear not! While there may not be as many EV charging stations as there are petrol stations, we have a way that you will never have to take your car to another location to power up again.

Believe it or not you can actually get an EV charging station installed in your own home or business for the peak of convenience. And it’s not only convenience, there are a whole host of benefits you can get from installing an EV charger including…


Advantages of EV charging

Low Cost

While it may seem slightly counter intuitive to begin with, installing EV chargers in homes and businesses is guaranteed to save you money in the long run.

With the price of petrol on the increase and many public charging stations charging for parking, the cost of powering up your vehicle is on the rise.

That is where having your own EV charger comes into play. While it may seem like a large initial outlay for installation the money you will save long term will far outweigh this cost.

Electricity is a fraction of the price of petrol. Bonus, if you already have solar panels providing the power to your house you could be paying literally nothing to charge your car while saving the planet. Well done to you!


Without question one of the most important features of electric vehicles are their status as zero emission transport.

If you chose to invest in an electric car (which, let’s face it, we will all have to in the near future) you can be proud knowing that you are part of a sustainable future.

This move to electric cars away from those powered by fossil fuels and non-renewable resources is especially important in Australia and New Zealand as we are baring the brunt of the incoming climate crisis.


Having an electric vehicle and EV charging at your home or business means never having stop off at a petrol or charging station again. Need we say more?

Simply plug in your electric car to charge over night or through the work day and you are ready to go!


While it may not be something that you think of on a day to day basis, petrol or diesel run cars are very loud. Especially when you are starting them up at night or driving someone who could do with a nap.

In contrast electric vehicles are very quiet when turning on and running which will make the driving experience a much calmer and more enjoyable time.

Do I need to make changes to my property to install an EV charger?

If you have an old switchboard running off single phase power you may need to upgrade your system to three phase power or install a new switchboard to get an EV charging station installed.

While this may sound like a lot of work for the installation of EV charging, it is important to note that many businesses already require three phase power to operate or could greatly benefit from this upgrade.

Similarly, most residences are currently run on single phase power however this is changing daily as the number of appliances we use increases. Many homes will need this upgrade moving forward to cope with the demand of larger refrigerators, powerful air-conditioning units, washer/dryers etc.

So while you may not this it is worth investing in the shift from single phase to three phase power in your switchboard, it is important to keep in mind that (like electric vehicles) this is likely to be common practise moving forward.

When getting EV charging installed at your home or business you need qualified electricians to install the EV cable, power points and potentially the switchboard upgrade to three phase power.

Considering an electric vehicle but not sure they are up to scratch yet?

No need to worry! Despite what the news would have you believe, electric vehicles have actually been in development for far longer than you may guess.

The first electric car was invented in the early 1800’s and throughout the decade most thought they would be far more successful long term than their gas guzzling counterparts!

In fact, it is now believed that the only reason the electric car did not become the vehicle of choice is because manufacturers realised they could make more money from people by distributing gasoline run cars as their power source was non-renewable making it a more expensive commodity. And they were right.


Get an EV Charger installed at your business to attract customers!

EV charging is the way of the future. We all knew this time was coming but as the Government slowly implements rules regarding climate change you can be sure that an electric vehicle will soon be the choice of drivers throughout Australia.

One of the biggest obstacles preventing people from jumping on the electric car train is the lack of accessible EV chargers. You may have noticed that there are a few at shopping centres (they tend to be in use) and a few at some petrol stations (often sitting empty).


This is because an electric vehicle needs time to charge and therefore EV owners need to find something to do while their car is powering up.

Installing EV chargers in the parking lot of your store or business is the perfect way to entice people to come in and take a look around – what else are they going to do while their vehicle is charging?

Having EV charging available at your workplace could also be a draw for potential employees would be more inclined to work there if there is somewhere there to charge your EV.

Your staff will thank you for your environmentally conscious actions!

Get EV Charging Installed or Serviced Today!

At 181 Electrical we have electrical contractors who are trained in installing electric vehicle charging stations at your home or business.

Our friendly team can perform installation and also maintenance on EV chargers.

Contact us today on 0403 734 299 or via admin@181electrical.com.au to discuss how we can help you get an EV Charger installed and have constant access to power!

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