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LED lighting = Home essential

LED lighting installation or maintenance is one of the most common jobs we complete here at 181 Electrical.

This means we are highly experienced in this area. We have been lucky enough to complete some great jobs for both residential and commercial customers.

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What exactly is LED Lighting?

LED, otherwise known as a Light-Emitting Diode is the one of the most modern lighting technologies on the market.

They are also the most effective, sustainable and low cost technology when it comes to lighting.  LED is also extremely versatile with a range of uses in the home making it the favoured choice for everyone from lighting designers to penny-pinchers.

They are also the most rapidly developing lighting technology on the market.

LED Display Lighting

How does LED Lighting work?

LED lighting works by passing an electronic current through a material (in this case a ‘diode’) to emit light. During this process electrons jump from one side of the conducting material to the other when power is applied to it. This fast movement emits light.

This is in contrast to incandescent bulbs. They only produce light when electricity passes through a small wire of filament.

This makes it become very hot which in turn causes it to glow.  But once you switch it off, the wire cools down and emits no more light.

LED lighting emits a lot of light for a little amount of electricity. Which is why they are rapidly becoming a popular alternative to traditional lighting options which tend to waste electricity as heat rather than light.

LEDs take the need to heat up a wire out of the equation. This means they can create bright light immediately, reduce risk of burns and fire and also require less energy to run.

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Why invest in LED Lighting?

LED Lighting is incredibly popular and highly recommended in Australia. It boasts a number of benefits.

These include (but are not limited to):

1. Durability

LED Lighting lasts 2-4 times longer than other comparable lighting. This means you won’t have to replace your lights as frequently.

2. Energy Efficiency

LED Lights are usually 60-75% more energy efficient than comparable light bulbs. In some cases this can jump to as much as 90% more efficient. This means they will help reduce your lighting costs without you having to change a thing.

3. Safety

LEDs emit almost no heat reducing the risk of fire and burns. LED lights have a much lower heat output than other lighting, meaning they are less likely to start a fire or cause damage if they do happen to short. This also means you will be able to get away with smaller wiring and avoid potential electrical hazards.

LED gives off very little heat when used which also makes them safer to use in confined areas such as cupboards or shower recesses. Which is why they are perfect for a range of cool looking jobs like this ->


4. Aesthetics

LED lights can be used to create different atmospheres and effects. Try mixing colours, changing the temperature or even using them in combination with decorative fittings to add your own personal touch! They are also dimmable and work effectively even at a very low light level without flickering off.

5. Convenience

LED provides instant bright light with no warm up period unlike some other lighting types.

6. Sustainability

Unlike other lighting technologies such as halogen, LED lights are made of non-toxic materials and are recyclable! This makes them a great choice to protect the environment.

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181 Electrical has been involved in countless lighting projects giving us the experience required to ensure your LED installation will be done right.

All lighting should be installed by professional electricians for the best results. Contact us on 0403 734 299 or admin@181electrical.com.au to get your LED Lighting products installed or repaired.

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