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Why you need a ceiling fan for summer

Ceiling fans are the perfect fix when warmer weather rolls around.

Not only do they keep you chilled without blasting freezing cold air. They also energy efficient and have lower running costs other cooling solutions (eg. an air conditioning unit).

Some may think that ceiling fans may not be as efficient as more modern cooling solutions such as air conditioners. However, most ceiling fans are just as effective. Here’s how:

How Ceiling Fans Keep You Cool

While it may feel like it, ceiling fans don’t actually change the temperature of the air around you.

Instead, the breeze from a ceiling fan disrupts the stagnant air surrounding your body which is what prevents heat loss.

The actual temperature of the air around you will not change from the fan, but due to the air disruption from the wind, it feels like it has.


While that may sound like it will simply push around warm air, when you think about wind in a different context you begin to understand how it can actually bring down your temperature.

Think of a chilly breeze at the beach, the temperature hasn’t changed however you feel much cooler as the air is moving.

This cooling effect happens in 2 different ways:


The process of losing heat due to the movement of air or water across the surface of the skin


The process of liquid water evaporating from a surface, which decreases the surface temperature. When sweat evaporates from our skin, it usually leaves us feeling cooler.

So there you have it – it cuts running costs, helps save energy, adds to the style of a space and will do a great job at keeping you cool! There’s no reason not to get one installed.

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Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Here at 181 Electrical we have installed many different ceiling fans for happy customers. They are a great alternative to energy guzzling air conditioners for many reasons:

1) Ceiling Fans Are Cheap To Run

Ceiling fans use far less electricity to run than other cooling methods such as air conditioning. This means they cost far less to use.

The cheaper cost means you don’t have to hold out until the heat is unbearable to turn it on and get relief.

This also means you can use them in winter to move stagnant air and make it feel less stuffy.

2) Ceiling Fans Work Quickly

As ceiling fans cool you by disrupting the stagnant air around your body rather than actually dropping the air temperature, the effect can be felt almost instantly. Whereas, cooling devices that aim to reduce the air temperature can take a while to work.

This also means that you can turn a ceiling fan on and off when entering or leaving a room. The fan will do its job straight away so you don’t have to leave your appliance on, wasting energy and money to keep the room chilled for when you come back.

3) Ceiling Fans Are Better For The Planet

Using less electricity to run means that ceiling fans are better for the planet than other cooling methods. This is especially evident in a small room such as a bedroom when a fan is all that is necessary to take the place down to a desirable temperature. Energy guzzling accessories such as an air conditioner would be complete overkill and could even make it too cold.

As these fans work quickly they also don’t need to be left running when you leave the space for a short period of time. This can significantly reduce the amount of energy you burn.

4) Ceiling Fans Don’t Cause Damaging Power Surges

Cooling devices that require a lot of energy to run (ie. air conditioners) can cause mini power surges when they are turned on and off. This is because the sudden increase of power required when it turns on or cycles on and off due to the set temperature on the control that almost overload the circuit. Mini surges like this can reduce the life expectancy for other appliances plugged in while the anomaly occurs.

5) Ceiling Fans Are Available In A Range Of Styles

There is no denying a ceiling fan is a more traditional addition to a room. But the length of time this fan has been around has only increased the range of brands and styles that are available to install.

Not only are there a range of different materials available for these fans including wood, metal, plastic, etc. but there are also designs with added accessories. These multiple options can create an entirely different aesthetic for your property. Some fans having lights in the centre so you can kill two birds with one stone. Adding lighting into fans means you will take up less area, they can both be central in your room.

The broad range of fans on the market means that you are very likely to find one that will suit your style and match the aesthetic of any space in your property.

One the other hand, if you have low ceilings you may want to opt for a wall fan or stand up fan for safety purposes.

6) Ceiling Fans Elevate Your Space

Not only do ceiling fans win on all above counts but they can also complement the look of your room. The most common styles of fan available online and in store come with 4 or 5 blades. The blade options are often white but you can also find metal, black and even wooden blades! They can look traditional or modern. With so many choices it’s very likely that no matter what property they go in the ceiling fans will look good.

There are multiple styles of ceiling fans on the market that will add a little something extra to your room.

Take a look at these recent installations if you don’t believe us:


Get A Ceiling Fan Today In Melbourne

Ceiling fan installation must be performed by a professional electrician. At 181 Electrical we are committed to help you search for the right fan for you with handy tips, and ensure your purchase is note damaged in the installation process.  

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