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TV installation - all the ins and outs

Nothing says modern like a sleek wall mounted or properly installed TV set. Replace your old TV with it’s messy cables and dated look to rejuvenate your residential or commercial space.

Essentially what we’re saying is, getting a television installed properly can really elevate the look of a living space, shop or commercial space.

Wall Mounting TV

181 Electrical has a fully insured team of electrical contractors that offer a TV wall mounting service including cable concealment that will be installed perfectly every time.

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Here are some of the set up and TV installation services we offer:

Wall Mounting Televisions

One of the most popular ways to make your TV area look clean, modern or professional is to have it wall mounted.

Whether it is for residential or commercial clients, we highly recommend wall mounting in the majority of spaces as it not only looks great but also increases space and allows for more options when it comes to decorating your room.

If you would like your TV wall mounted you need to make sure your TV is able to be mounted to the wall. If it is, it may come with a wall bracket that can be used to attach the TV to the wall.

Certain wall mount options will also allow for movement so if you need the TV to change angles or swivel at all, ensure you have the correct wall mount prior to installation.


If it doesn’t have these brackets you will need to purchase them or they may be able to be supplied by your electrician as part of their TV mounting service.

Wall mount TV installation is the perfect option for commercial spaces such as offices, gyms, shops and more that really benefit from having the TV screen placed higher and reduces risks involved with exposed wires.

Wiring in TVs

While many people don’t think about this issue until it arises, many TV sockets are not the same. This means it can get a little confusing when it comes to trying to install your new TV yourself.

To ensure everything is setup correctly it is best to hire a professional electrician to correctly install your TV in accordance with Australian Standards as per AS/NZS 3000:2000, Electrical installations – Wiring Rules.

TV Antenna Point Installation or Relocation

Most TVs require antennas in order to access free to air TV (this may not be necessary if you are only interested in using services such as Apple TV, digital TV or a smart TV that uses internet only). This means that the TV antenna cable must be connected to an input on the TV in order to access certain channels.

Sometimes these TV antenna points can become unusable or blocked by furniture, so it is important to consider relocating the it if there are any issues with reception. This issue may also arise if the antenna point is located in a different area to where you have chosen to install your TV.

If you are adding extra TVs to your home or commercial property you may need to have extra antenna points installed.

Outdoor antenna points are also available so you can pick up TV signals from further away.

If you want your TV installation done properly by a professional, then it is important to get it done by a licensed electrician. Here at 181 Electrical we have the necessary experience to ensure that everything is installed correctly and can guarantee a great service.

Cable Management

Once you have your new power points, the antenna moved to the correct spot and have your TV setup in the place you desire, it’s time to make sure your TV cables are neatly arranged. This can increase the safety and improve the look of the area around your TV.

You can use clips and zip ties to ensure that the TV cables don’t slip around and get in the way of things like chair legs and table corners.


It is important not to leave TV cables enjoying across the floor, as they pose a trip hazard. They can also be at risk if there are children or animals around that can access them. Our electricians are masters of organising and hiding cables to ensure every job looks seamless and perfect.

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Here are some examples of what you can get from our TV installation service:


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If you are getting a new TV it’s important to get the installation right the first time around. This means your room will look great and no unsightly chords will from your TV screen.

Here at 181 Electrical we pride ourselves on providing good communication, excellent service and offering the best advice to suit your needs when it comes to TV installations. We will ensure you know exactly what you are getting before work commences so you can rest assure we will do a great job.

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