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Improve the look of your home with pendant lights

Good lighting can really change the look and feel of an entire home. Whether it’s a modern and bright look you are going for or a moody or classic aesthetic, lighting makes all the difference.

That is where pendant lights come in!

The right pendant can change the feel of an entire space.

While many of us who are not focused on interior design may not pay much attention to a light fixture, the lights you choose can make or break a room – no pressure!

But how much difference can a pendant light really make? Is it really worth it? We’ll break down the detail below so you can find out for yourself!

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Old Light Fixtures vs. New Pendant Lights

The average ceiling light is not something to behold.

The classic bulb encased in a round frosted cover of some kind is a staple of many properties. Many don’t even realise it is there.

But this is a wasted opportunity. One that could be used to add to the look of your space rather than being an element you hope people overlook.

Indeed, an old light fixture tends to be more suited to function than fashion.

But it’s not just the external appearance of these lights that impact your space. The bright fluorescent lights they contain can also drastically effect the feel of a room…


Lighting for Happiness

You may not know it but the lighting in your room could be affecting your happiness levels!

Sounds crazy and made up right? Well studies from the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen prove that it’s true – lighting can drastically effect your mood.

As opposed the the old fluorescent and overexposed lights you may currently have in your house, getting lights that are tri-coloured, dimmable and suited to the room they are in could be your ticket to happiness and relaxation.

It’s all down to a concept called Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”). Essentially this is a Danish concept that encapsulates all things comfortable and cosy. The Danish are the currently ranked some of the happiest people in the world according to the GNH Index (Gross National Happiness Index) and considering the lack of Vitamin D they receive this is a big feat!

One of the biggest factors they attribute to this happiness is Hygge lighting. Basically, they mean having lighting that can at night time be dimmed and coloured to replicate the feeling of a cosy fireplaces and candles.

What you need to aim for to ensure peak relaxation is a warm toned light that can be dimmed to low levels – something you can definitely achieve with a new pendant light installation!

Update Your Lighting Style with a Pendant Light

Not only will your new lighting fixture help to set the mood but installing pendant lights like this also double as art pieces in their own right!

Pendant lights are the perfect way to elevate the style of your home.

Pendant lights come in many different sizes, shapes and colours that are perfect to replace that boring old fixture.

This style can be based on the design of the light combined with the type of light bulb (whether it is coloured or dimmable) in order to create the perfect look for your space.

If The (Pendant) Light Fits!

A pendant light fixture can really do wonders for the look and feel of a space. But getting the right look really does depend on a number of factors.

One common mistake with pendant light fixtures is not getting the right pendant light for the room. Here are some tips to ensure your new pendant light fixture is perfect!

Size is Key

If you are installing a new pendant light fixture it is very important to consider the size of the space you are wanting to install it in.

A large or opulent pendant light may work well in a living room, kitchen, or entryway but could look out of place in a bathroom or bedroom.

In these rooms you may want to opt for a light fixture that is simple and sleek so the room isn’t overwhelmed by it.

Style Your Light To Suit The Space

Consider the amount of light you want in each room. The larger the pendant light, the more light it will emit.

For this aspect the same rule as in the previous point applies. Communal spaces such as kitchens and living rooms can benefit from a larger light fixture to illuminate the whole space.

However, this amount of light but it is probably not necessary in smaller rooms where a smaller pendant light can do the job without compromising on style and wasting power.


Consider The Room's Main Purpose

Different rooms have different lighting needs. Here are some great options to consider to get the perfect lighting for your space:

  • Add some light to your kitchen with a modern styled chandelier. This offers an elegant look while being functional as well.
  • In the home office or study pendants that house spotlights create the perfect atmosphere without adding too much light for reading and studying.
  • If you want pendant lighting with a decorative twist, put pendants with opulent designs like crystals pendants or pendants with a rustic elegance in the entranceway or living room.

Clearly, pendant lights can be used in almost any room of the home, but for the best results they do need to be chosen carefully.

Book to Install Pendant Lights Today

Pendant lights need to the installed by a licensed electrician – which is where we come in!

At 181 Electrical our professional electricians are experienced in lighting installation and a range of other electrical services.

Whether it is an entirely new light you are after or you’re replacing an old fixture our electricians have you covered. We aim to offer quality light works at a reasonable cost. We will connect your new fixture to electricity and complete free testing to ensure your new lights operate properly.

We can also install new wiring and a light switch if required for a brand new light fitting.

Our electricians are friendly, respectful, keep the job site clean throughout the installation and offer guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Call us on 0403 734 299 or email to get your new fixture installed today.

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