What is single phase power?

Most homes in Australia use single phase power hence why it is sometimes referred to as ‘residential voltage’.

It supplies power at around 230 volts and provides adequate power for most appliances and lighting.

Therefore, single phase power is economical and effective making it the perfect choice for the majority of residences.

How does it work?

Single phase power operates using 3 wires – active, neutral and earth.

The active wire carries the current load to the required destination and the neutral wire provides a path for the power to return through. The earth wire is the life life in case of an electrical fault. In this instance it will convey the power back through to the electricity network to stop it running through your body.  

The rate of power going through all of these wires is monitored by a Residual Current Device (RCD) that ensures none of the electricity is exiting the grid through an external source (ie. a human if they are getting an electric shock).

Basically, the RCD will notice within milliseconds if there is an imbalance and will cut the power to reduce the risk of hazard or injury.

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