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Dimmer switches: Improve your spaces aesthetic

When it comes to modern lighting in your property, it’s all about ambience.

Make sure the mood is right in every room for all occasions by installing a dimmer switch for your lighting!

181 Electrical offers reliable installation services for these accessories at competitive prices so you can get your work done today with a quality guarantee.

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How does a dimmer switch work?

A dimmer switch doesn’t require any electricity to dim or brighten the light globe, it does this by resisting the flow of power going through it.

The dimming is achieved by turning off part of the circuit for a short period of time, which we can control with a dimmer switch (hence dimmers).

You may be wondering how dimmers work when they themselves require electricity to operate.

This is where capacitors come in.

Dimmer switches have little electric ‘storage’ units, called capacitors, which are used to supply the dimmer switch with power when there isn’t enough available through the light switch.

When you turn on a dimmer switch, the capacitor instantly becomes charged.

The dimmer switch then cuts off power to part of the electrical circuit for a short time until it starts to reduce your light levels. When it does this, it allows power through to ensure that your light stays on.

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How do dimmers affect incandescent lights?

Dimmers are great for incandescent lights, dimmable CFLs and dimmable LED globes.

Incandescent light dimmers work by reducing the amount of voltage that is sent through the dimmer, which in turn reduces the brightness (and energy) output of the globe.

When dimming your incandescent lighting make sure dimmer is compatible with dimmable CFLs and dimmable LED globes.

How do dimmers affect LEDs?

LEDs tend to last longer than other light sources, so dimming them will reduce their life span.

Standard dimmer switches dim the entire circuit at once, so dimmable LED globes can dim too much without reaching full brightness.

A better alternative is to look for dimmer switches which are designed with dimmable LED globes in mind (or even one that constantly monitors the output of your light).


Which lights do dimmer switches work best with?

Dimmers are great for dimming incandescent lights, dimmable CFLs and dimmable LED lamps.

Benefits of dimmer switches

There are many benefits of these electrical accessories including:

Energy Efficient

Installing dimmer switches is a great way to cut down on your electricity bill. Most dimmer switches on the market today only send the energy necessary to power the light level you are after. This means, if the lights are turned down low using the dimmer switch, they will use far less energy than it would if the lights were turned on bright.

Essentially, the lower the light, the less electricity is required so they can be a great way to reduce your energy consumption so you will pay less on your electricity bill. It also helps you get the perfect aesthetic for every occasion – a win, win.

Great Aesthetic

Having these switches installed in your home or shop can really change both the look and feel of your space.

Connecting this variable lighting means that you can get the look you prefer from day to day.

Whether it is lighting for a store where you may need to vary your light to display your stock in the best way or simply wanting to make your home date night feel more intimate and special, a dimmer is the way to go.

Dimmer switches also come in a few different designs to suit your aesthetic. You can go with the old school twistable knob (available in multiple colours) or the more modern looking LED push button dimmer

They can really work to create a mood which will change the feeling of your whole room.

Increased Happiness...?

You may not believe this but there is a theory that using a dimmer switch to lower the lights can actually make you happier! Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out how…

Can a dimmer switch increase your happiness?

The short answer is yes. You may be thinking, how on earth could this be true? But it is all down to a Danish concept called Hygge.

The Hygge theory shows that dim lights, natural lighting sources and candle light are conducive to creating a sense of happiness in your home.

So dimmer switches aren’t just for reducing electricity bills, they are also great for reducing stress levels – who knew?


What is Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish word (pronounced hoo-ga) it roughly translates to “snug” or “cosy”, but the concept goes much deeper than that. The theory goes that keeping your lights dim and on the yellow/warmer side can actually make you happier.

And there is science behind this. Studies conducted by ‘The Happiness Institute, Copenhagen’ have shown that dim light can help relieve stress and increase calmness.

Dimming the lights makes your mind relax as it knows it doesn’t need to be so alert.

In contrast, bright lights tend to make us more alert and on edge – dimmer switches bring the perfect balance to the home.

If using a dimmer switch can increase your happiness even further by helping to reduce electricity bills surely it can’t get any better than this?

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