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Your commercial electricians in Melbourne.

181Electrical contractors deliver professional services.

Our professional team offers these electrical services throughout the Melbourne CBD and South Eastern Suburbs. Find out if you are in our service area here.

Our team offers various services for all businesses, big and small, from initial installation to upgrades and ongoing maintenance services.

When engaging commercial electricians in Melbourne for your business– whether a shop, office building, apartment building or any other business property – it is essential to ensure you have a qualified electrician.

Shop and Office Building Fit Outs

Our experienced commercial electricians in Melbourne are here to help you achieve the office and shop fit outs that will best suit your business needs.

The 181 team of fully trained electrical contractors provide an efficient service in all complete shop fit-outs, including installing new wiring, power points, lighting, electrical equipment and more.

This way you can ensure everything looks clean, is practical and is set up in a way that makes the day to day running of your business a breeze.

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Shop and Office De-Fits

One of the most annoying things about commercial properties is having to make them look exactly like they did when you moved in at the end of your lease.

This means removing all the new electrical installations or electrical wiring you added during your fit out.

Luckily de-fits are part of our commercial electrical services and our friendly team are experienced in this work so you can rest assured knowing we will do a good job.

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Test & Tag

Power tools, appliances, and other electrical items require regular and thorough operational checks to prevent them from injuring people at home or the workplace.

Our electrical contractors in Melbourne can test your appliances for shorts, wiring damage, frayed cords, and other similar problems.

Once the items have been checked to ensure they are functioning properly and safely our master electricians will attach a tag stating that they are safe.

The tag will also havethe date on it so you can get them checked regularly to avoid any problems in the future.

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Renovations & New Builds

Renovations or new builds for a corporate building can be complex, with a number of requirements to ensure the smooth running of your business.

We install cabling, power points, lighting, safety switches, new circuits, data cabling and much more handy electrical equipment for your business.

We are up-to-date with newer technologies such as automation, camera and intercom packages and can install/service all of the latest systems.

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Electrical Safety Checks For Residential Properties

This is one of the most common jobs our commercial electricians in Melbourne complete for landlords or property managers.

New Victorian laws that came into place in March 2021 now require electrical safety checks to be carried out by professional electrical contractors on all rental properties every two years.

This check must be completed at the request of the landlord or property manager, and a valid certificate will be provided as proof of safe premises.

For more information about our teams ‘Electrical Safety Checks’ click here.

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Electrical Maintenance For Commercial Buildings

Our friendly team of commercial electricians in Melbourne can carry out planned maintenance on your property to ensure your business always functions optimally.

This will include checking light fittings, safety switches, circuit breakers, and other appliances for damage or defects.

181 Electrical team in action

Emergency Commercial Electrician Melbourne

It’s impossible to predict an electrical emergency. They can happen any day of the year and at any time of the day.

When they occur, you need to engage a professional commercial electrician to ensure the safety of your property and all who use it.

The 181 Electrical team offer 24/7 Emergency Services with Electricians on call for you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Please check our ‘Service Area’ to see if we can help you with an electrical solution!

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At 181 we have a team of professionals you can rely on to take care of your property.

When undertaking work, whether installation or maintenance, it is essential always to ensure you are employing a registered electrical contractor for your commercial property. This way you can rest assured every part of the job will be completed safely and to a high standard.

We use our expertise in the area to work with building owners, property managers or tenants to do whatever works best for you and your business.

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