What do I do if there is water in my lightbulb?

We get calls about water in or dripping from light bulbs more often than you might think.

If you notice this happening, the FIRST THING you need to do is turn off the electricity in your house whether the light in question is indoor or outdoor.

Water conducts electricity so if you touch the wet light fixture or even try to turn it off at the power point you could get an electric shock.

If the light bulb/fixture is indoors:

Assess the leak – is it dripping constantly or only when it rains?

If it only drips/leaks when it is raining, you may have an issue with your roof and will need to call in a roofer.

If it is dripping constantly, turn off the water supply in your house immediately. It’s likely there is an issue with your plumbing and that is causing the water leakage. In this case you will need to call a plumber to look into the situation.

Even after the cause of the leak has been identified and remedied, you should not turn the electricity back on.

The affected electrical appliances/light fixtures will need to be assessed and most likely replaced by a licensed electrician before the power goes back on.

This will ensure that there is no risk of harmful electric shock due to damage from the water or potential remaining water or damp in your electrical system.

All lighting used outside your home should be weatherproof.

However, even in weatherproof outdoor lighting, on occasion you may notice condensation or more significant water buildup.

A small amount of condensation may not be an issue (it’s caused by the fluctuation in temperature inside and outside the lightbulb) if the light is functioning properly.

However, it’s still important to keep an eye on it and ensure the water doesn’t continue to build up.

If there is water seeping into or building up in your outdoor light bulbs, it may be because the waterproof lining of the light has worn out.

In this case you should replace them ASAP as water buildup inside a light can make it explode and is also a fire hazard.

If you are concerned about any light, lighting fixture or electrical appliance in your home being damp or wet, turn off the electricity supply immediately.

Contact the necessary professionals to remedy the water issue and then contact an electrician to ensure it is safe to turn on the power supply again.

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