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Switchboards keep your electricity going

Switchboards are connected to the mains electricity. It receives the electricity and then distributes the power safely through the different circuits in your home.

Each of these distribution points has a protective circuit breaker or fuse (in older switchboards).

They’re usually located near the entrance of a building for easy access.

This is what a modern switchboard looks like.

Checking safety switches in a switchboard

If switchboards are rundown, outdated, faulty or damaged it can be very dangerous.

Our switchboard services

That’s where we come in. We offer the following services for residential and commercial switchboards:

  1. Reactive or scheduled maintenance for residential and commercial switchboards.
  2. Installation and replacement of switchboards for both residences and commercial buildings.
  3. Safety switch, RCD and RCBO testing.
  4. Visual and thermal checks to prevent small issues turning into big ones.
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