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Data cable installation Melbourne: Make your internet connection faster

Streaming music, TV and movies, working from home, searching online – a huge portion of our daily lives are now reliant on the internet.

The constant growth of the internet in both speed and reach has changed the way we live each day.

But not all internet connections are created equal. You’re lucky if you have fiber optic speeds, but more likely you’ll be working with a connection that is not quite as fast or reliable.

At 181 Electrical our team of technicians understand how important it is to have access to a fast network and reliable communication services.

That is why we always carry out testing on your premises before we carry out any work in order to recommend the service that will best suit each clients needs.

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What causes slow internet speeds?

There are many reasons your internet network connection may be unsatisfactory. These could include:

Poor Wifi Signal

This is the most common cause of poor internet connection or speed. It can be attributed to a range of factors.

It can be caused by:

  • Interference from other devices or equipment sending radio waves.
  • Thick walls or metallic mesh inside walls disrupting the connection in different rooms of your home.
  • Competing signals in a small space. Can be common if you are in a particularly dense office space or residential apartment block.

Damaged Data Cabling

If you have a high speed connection and it suddenly goes down to less than 5mbps, or even if it’s somewhat slower than normal – there is a good chance your internet connections are being slowed down due to a faulty cable that requires repair.

Wrong type of connection port

If you’re using a data cable that only supports uploading (ie. most phone lines), your internet speeds may be slowed down because the line is always full of upload requests. The same can happen even if you have an excellent cable, but it was installed with the wrong kind of connection port (most likely a DSL port).

But luckily there is a solution!…

What you can do to fix the problem!

Get data cabling and points installed or upgraded throughout your property!

Never miss a zoom meeting, assignment upload deadline or live stream again by investing in data cabling.


What is data cabling?

Data cabling is a term used to describe the connection and running of cables from your internet to a device.

It’s exactly what it sounds like – how your internet data gets from point A to point B. When you open a browser and load a website, that information has to get from the server to your computer somehow.

Having data cabling and ethernet cables are wired throughout your house (as many ports as you require) so you can plug your devices directly into the internet (rather than relying on unstable wifi signals).

If your internet signals are being slowed down due to faulty cables, your connection speed will suffer. When data gets bottlenecked by the wrong kind of cable, you’ll experience latency problems and slow downloads.

Essentially what it means is that ethernet cables are wired throughout your house (as many ports as you require) so you can plug your devices directly into the internet.

What are the benefits of data cable installation?

There are many benefits to having a custom data cabling installation done in your home or office.

The most obvious is that you will have a strong, reliable connection which can handle all of your online needs without any problems. Secondly, by using the same cable to power multiple devices at once, you no longer have to worry about managing separate ethernet cables for each device.

Finally, data cabling installation helps to future-proof your network while simultaneously making it more efficient and organized. By interconnecting all of your devices with a single wire, you can design the layout of your setup to be as simple or complex as possible. You no longer have to worry about how many ports are available on your router, how far away they are from where you need them, or what device will be using each one.

When you have data cabling, a lot of these issues disappear. Once plugged in, the internet provided to your device will be fast, consistent and uninterrupted.

In fact, data cabling can be up to 20 times faster than your average wifi connection.

Furthermore, using data cabling for devices such as computers and televisions takes the strain off your wifi network. This means it will function better for the devices that can’t be wired in, like mobile phones.


What are the requirements for data cabling?

Before data cable installation can begin there are several factors that need to be considered. These factors include:

1. Cable management

Anyone who has seen the back of their computer will know what this means. The cables included with data cabling projects should be routed away from any fans or hot spots so they don’t get damaged through overheating.

2. Cable length

Data cables can vary in length (3ft to 100ft) and need to be long enough to reach the desired port without any extensions. It’s also important that data cables are shorter than the maximum allowed length for safety purposes.

3. Data transfer speeds

Data cabling companies will take into consideration the data transfer speeds for data cables. The data transfer speeds will determine the gauge of data cable required which in turn determines the installation price.

4. Data Points (Ports)

Most data cables will come with a variety of different data points (sometimes referred to as ports) depending on your needs. They can also be customised with an integrated splitter if you require multiple internet lines to run off one data point.

All of these factors must be considered before beginning data cable installations and they should also be clarified with data cabling companies before proceeding.

If you’re not sure which data cable installation option is right for you, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to walk you through the various options available.

How do data cables work?

Data cable is rather simply a wire that carries information between devices. You can think of it as the internet’s version of a pipeline – all the information travels through the cable until it reaches the intended destination. It’s fast, efficient, and nearly invisible – especially with a high quality cable installed in the right places throughout your home or office!

If you’re still unsure how data cables work, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the subject.

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Are there any drawbacks?

One of the few limitations of data cabling is that your device must be plugged in and therefore stationary to access this consistent, high speed internet.

Also, not all portable devices (such as smartphones) can be plugged into the data cabling network.

However, by using data cabling for items that tend to be used in one place (such as TV’s and home computers) you will take the strain off your wifi network and improve its function for your other devices.  

How do I get data cabling in my home?

Data cabling must be installed by a licensed electrician.

Our technicians are trained to perform installation of data cable and data points. You can rest assured knowing you will get quality work done at competitive prices every time.

Here at 181 Electrical we can ensure that all cabling is done to the highest standard with a clean and professional look guaranteed.

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