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Power points - why you can never have enough

We all know the feeling – you go to plug in your appliance or device into a power point (also known as a GPO or General Power Outlets) but they’re all already in use.

So you have to make the decision, which item is more important?

This can cause some undesirable situations. Whether it’s unplugging someone else’s phone to charge your own (not a great idea if you want to have a peaceful household) or accidentally unplugging your air fryer to turn on the kettle and realising 10 minutes later that your food is still cold and unfried.

We can all agree any of these outcomes should be avoided at all costs. But how?

Some would say you can simply buy a power board extension and plug it in for easy access to extra socket outlets. But there are many reasons this could be a dangerous choice.

Instead, if you need them, we always recommend getting extra power points installed by a professional electrician.

Modern Power Point

Advantages of Multiple Power Points

Having enough power points in your house is not only about safety; it is also about ensuring that you do not overload a circuit and cause a power outage or damage.

This is vitally important for older homes, or homes with very outdated electrical systems, which may not have the capacity to handle multiple appliances requiring high wattage all at once.

As such, it is vital to know if you have enough power points in your house, and where they should be placed.

Having multiple appliances requiring different wattages plugged into the same circuit is likely to trip a fuse or blow a circuit breaker. So having each item plugged into a separate outlet on an individual circuit could be beneficial.

Do You Need Your Power Points Checked?

As well as having enough power points in your property to handle the amount of power you require, it is very important to ensure they are are all safe and in working order.

There are a few indications that there may be an issue with your power points that should be attended to by a professional electrician. These can include:

  • flashes when something is plugged in or taken out
  • flashes when the switch is turned on or off
  • cracks in the switch or gang plate
  • switches that are very stiff and hard to flick on and off
  • heat or melting around the socket outlet
  • discolouration around the switches or outlet

If any of these issues occur please contact us immediately on 0403 734 299 or click the button below to book an assessment from one of our professional technicians.

This could be an indication of a larger issue so it is very important to have your power points checked and maintained regularly.

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How Many Power Points Should You Have In Each Room

This depends on the needs of your space. Most modern households require far more socket outlets than they were originally built with due to the rapid increase in electrical appliances and accessories we use on a daily basis.

The number required may also vary due to the needs of each room in a home.

Here are a few different options you can consider when looking to install new power points:

Single Power Points

A single power point only has on socket outlet so it can be good for areas that don’t require much power that you want to look clean and uncluttered.

The most common instance in which a single power point will be installed is in an industrial or commercial setting where they are operating large machinery. This single outlet will operate at 15 amps (as opposed to the normal 10 amp outlets you have in homes and offices) and generally only runs one of these machines at a time.

They are also common in outdoor settings as single weatherproof outlets are more common than double.

Double Power Points

These are the most common power points you will find in any home or business.

They look clean and when placed in multiple positions around a room can generally cover your electrical power needs.

They are also available in horizontal or vertical configurations to suit your space.

Plug in power point

Quad Power Points

This is exactly the same as a double power point, the only difference being there are four socket outlets rather than two.

This can be a great option for spaces that require a lot of separate plugs in close proximity like behind television or home entertainment unit.

USB Power Points

USB power points are a new addition to our services and we are happy to say our customers have been loving them!

Almost all modern households require a number of electrical devices to be charged over night and this number is only set to increase.

The double and quad power points can also be installed with an additional switch to remove the need to have a separate gang plate with your light or fan switch. This frees up wall space and makes gives your space a cleaner appearance.

USB Power Point in Bedroom

Power points are also available in a range of materials to suit your space.

Why Not Just Plug In a Cheap Power Board Extension?

There are many areas in the house where people need far more power outlets then they currently have.

That is mainly because the amount of electrical appliances and devices we use in our daily lives has increased exponentially in the last 20-30 years (often after the properties in question were built).

Whether it is the kitchen, living room or bedroom we are always in stiff competition for spots to plug in out electrical accessories.

To combat this problem, many people head straight to the shops to buy a cheap extension power board.

Problem solved right? Wrong.

Other than the fact that power boards look incredibly messy, especially when visible in a bedroom or, even worse, on a kitchen bench, they can also be very dangerous.

They pose a threat to both the items you have plugged into them and the electrical power circuits in your home.

This is because you are trying to run much electricity through a single circuit. This puts pressure on that circuit and can easily cause power surges or trips both of which can damage your electrical circuit and threaten power access in your home and can damage whatever you have plugged in.

Essentially, electricity is a dangerous force when used incorrectly, and if you don’t have enough power points to handle the amount of electricity that is being drawn from them, there sometimes can be a fuse or circuit breaker that will blow in order to make sure you don’t overload it.

That means a power outage and a visit from your electrician will be required. This will continue happening until you get the root cause of the issue fixed.

How Does An Electrical Power Point Work?

In Australia a standard general power outlet (GPO) has three blades, two angled and one flat that insert securely into an electrical socket.

The average electrical power point is connected to a circuit breaker in the fuse box, and this will prevent damage from occurring due to a build up of electricity.

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If you think something is wrong with your power points or fuse box, it’s always best to call an electrician first rather than attempting to fix it yourself.

Here at 181 Electrical our team members will be able to ensure that the wiring is safe and up-to-date, and that you have enough power points to safely accommodate all of your devices.

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