Power Points - Why You Can Never Have Enough

We all know the feeling - you go to plug in your appliance or device into a power point (also known as a GPO or General Power Outlet), but they're all already in use.

So you have to make the decision, which item is more important?

This can cause some undesirable situations. The most common is unplugging someone else's phone from the power point to charge your own (not a great idea if you want a peaceful household!).

We can all agree this outcome should be avoided at all costs. But how?

4 Advantages of Multiple Power points Installations

The number of modern appliances and devices we use in our daily lives has increased exponentially in the last 20-30 years, leaving many people needing new power points.

There are many reasons having an extra power point or two installed will make your life easier and safer. Here a just a few...

  1. Convenience + a sleek look!

    Installing power points precisely where you need them is more convenient and means you won't have unsightly wires running across the floor.

  2. Never have to choose what to charge again.

    Get enough power points, and you'll never have to compete for charging or appliance space again!

  3. Avoid dangerous overuse of powerboards/extension cords

Other than the fact that power boards look incredibly messy, they can also be very dangerous.

They threaten both the items you have plugged into them and the electrical power circuits in your home.

You need to try to run more electric power through a single circuit. However, this puts pressure on that circuit and can easily cause power surges or trips, which can damage your electrical circuit and whatever you currently have plugged in (especially if you don't have safety switches installed).

  1. Extra power points = fewer power outages

Using powerboards to plug multiple appliances or devices into the same power point can overload a circuit (electrical wiring) and cause a power outage or damage your property.

This is very common in older homes or homes with outdated electrical systems, which may need more capacity to handle multiple appliances requiring high wattage on the same circuit.

Multiple appliances requiring different wattages plugged into the same circuit are likely to trip a fuse or blow a circuit breaker. Having each item plugged into a separate electrical outlet on an individual circuit could be beneficial.

How Many Power Outlets Should You Have In Each Room?

It depends...

Most modern households require far more power outlets than they were initially built with due to the rapid increase in electrical appliances and accessories we use daily.

The number required may also vary due to the needs of each room in a home.

Here are a few different options you can consider when looking to install new power points:

Single Power Points

A single power point only has one socket outlet, so it can be suitable for areas that only require a little power and that you want to look clean and uncluttered.

The most common instance in which a single power outlet will be installed is in an industrial or commercial setting where they are operating large machinery. This single outlet will perform at 15 amps (as opposed to the standard 10 amp outlets you have in homes and offices) and generally only runs one of these machines at a time.

They are also common in outdoor settings as single weatherproof outlets are more common than double.

Double Power Points

These are the most common power points in any home or business.

They look clean and, when placed in multiple positions around a room, can generally cover your electrical power needs.

They are also available in horizontal or vertical configurations to suit your space.

Quad Power Points

This is the same as a double power point, the only difference being there are four socket outlets rather than two.

This can be a great option for spaces that require a lot of separate plugs in close proximity like behind a television or home entertainment unit.

USB Power Points

USB power points are a new addition to our services. Almost all modern households require a number of electrical devices to be charged overnight using a USB connection and this number is only set to increase.

USB power point installation means you can charge any device or smart device you want without taking up precious power socket space.

Power point with additional switches

The double and quad power points can also be installed on your wall with an additional switch. You can add your light and fan switches to the same gang plate to free up wall space and get a cleaner look.

Power points are also available in a range of materials to suit your space.

Installing a Power Point

Installing an additional power outlet is relatively straightforward. Many people around the Sydney area that are looking to become their handyman might think they can do this themselves. It may be safer to hire someone with professional skills, as doing it yourself is in fact illegal. The most important thing to take into account when doing electrical work are certification and insurance.

How to wire an Australian power socket or outlet?

Step 1: Disconnect power from any room in a house using its main electrical source at the outlet in a house fuse box.

Step 2. Remove the cover plate. The screw may sometimes hide under small caps so that they look neat, but you'll have to remove them with a knife.

Step 3: When we touch something inside our house, you must 100% ensure that we do not lose the electrical power. A few people shut off the main electric power only to be struck by the electrical current remaining on the line.

Step 4: Notice how black and red wires attach to the receptacle.


You may not even realise this, but even if you don't use an electrician, you could be violating the building code which will invalidate the insurance if there is any trouble. Imagine your insurer telling you they will not pay for your claim because the wiring was not professionally installed. This is a nightmare situation in most households, but it happens. I am in a panic? Contact DCN Electrical for assistance.

Do You Need Your Power Points Checked?

As well as having enough power points in your property, it's important to ensure they are all safe and in working order.

There are a few indications of issues in a power point that should be attended to by a professional electrician. These can include:

  • flashes when something is plugged in or taken out
  • flashes when the switch is turned on or off
  • cracks in the switch or gang plate
  • switches that are very stiff and hard to flick on and off
  • heat or melting around the socket outlet
  • discolouration around the switches or power outlet

Any of these issues could be an indication of a larger electrical problem. If you notice any of them please contact us immediately on 0403 734 299 to book an appointment.

How does an electrical power outlet work?

In Australia a standard general power outlet (GPO) has three blades, two angled and one flat that insert securely into an electrical socket.

The average electrical power point is connected to a circuit breaker in the fuse box, and this will prevent damage from occurring due to a build-up of electricity.

What are the differences between Power Points?

Different power outlets have different uses in different homes. These are available for installation and can be installed from different locations at home or combinations from various electrical outlets are possible.

Double Power Outlet

The double outlet has the same dimensions cover plates as single outlets but has two places where there are two plugged outlets. They have been increasingly used and preferred over single outlets in buildings. It allows for the plug-out of both appliances with electrical connections which is convenient. When the appliances need power, a single outlet is recommended although sometimes two outlets can be used.

Single Power Point

Each power source is equipped with a power source for the power supply connected to. One power outlet may be common within the older house, at places with only small or no appliances used like laundry facilities. The simple electrical socket is most commonly used in a residential building but as more appliances are used these can also be changed to the soluble power outlet.

Smart Power Points

Smart power sources are connected to the power supply via a smart gadget. This means that devices can be switched on or off through a computer. Controlling them can help customers turn on their appliances when they want and save energy if no power is being used. Typical electrical appliances connected with a Smart plug include lights, air conditioners, and coffee machines.

USB power point

The Double outlet also has an option for use as a USB Powerpoint with a USB connection. The inclusion of a USB port enables two additional devices in a single outlet to connect together with the outlet. For example, in a kitchen, the kettle and toaster are connected. USB Power Outlets are easily installable and can easily replace existing dual power outlets.

How much does it cost for a Power Point Installation Service?

The average price to get a power point installed is approximately $75 to $150. In addition, electrical services can cost up to $80 an hour, which also increases the cost of installing a power socket. When one or more power points are connected to the system, then sometimes the installation of multiple or double power points can be expensive.

Generally, a skilled electrical contractor performs several electrical installations and other work in a single electrical system. Adding a power outlet is both labour and actual power supply cost. A problematic installation will increase the installation tasks and the locations where they have been installed.

Thinking of getting multiple power points installation? Contact Us To Book Local Electricians Today!

Suppose you are thinking of booking power point installation services or getting your existing power points checked. In that case, it's essential to contact a highly recommended and qualified electrician to replace or install a new power point in your home.

In Victoria, government regulations require all electrical work and installation to be completed by a qualified electrical technician.

A qualified electrician will also be able to complete a safety inspection and electrical work to ensure all electric wirings in your property are safe, which could prevent unforeseen hazards or issues.

Here at 181 Electrical, our number one priority is customer satisfaction in all electrical jobs we complete. Our electricians and team members will be able to ensure that the wiring is safe and up-to-date and that you have enough power points to meet all of your electrical needs with affordable labour costs.

Only a licensed electrician can legally provide a power point installation service. So if you could benefit from an extra power point or two, contact us at 0403 723 299 or via the form below to book your appointment!

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