Is your family safe from electrocution?

Is your family safe from electrocution?

Sadly, each year far too many people are killed in Australian homes in electrical accidents that could be prevented. And many more are hospitalised with serious electrical injuries and burns.

Preventable accidents with tragic consequences:

a child inserting an implement into a toaster
a handyman drilling into a live cable inside a wall
stormwater leaking through a roof and into lights and appliances
181 Electrical is committed to helping home and business owners stay safe. We offer a free visual safety check of your home’s switchboard. Unsafe switchboards can lead to fire, electric shock and potentially death. Your technician will discuss with you any electrical safety issues requiring urgent attention and things you might like to consider for the future.

While 181 Electrical is on site to undertake work for you, ask about the visual safety check and we can complete this whilst on-site, no additional cost.

From January 2019, Safety switches became mandatory on all circuits in new homes. They are designed to cut the power to an electrical circuit in the event of an electric shock. Safety switches on all circuits in the switchboard will increase the overall safety of the home.

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